Iskra d. d.

Electrical Measuring Instruments

Our electrical measuring instruments for your projects in the fields of utilities, power stations, gensets, boats, etc are divided into groups: measuring centres, measuring transducers, energy meters, analogue, digital and portable meters, controllers and sensors. Measuring instruments from Iskra can measure electrical quantities from basic criteria like voltage and current up to more than 140 electrical parameters. These can be mounted in various ways: on panel or on rail; the instruments can be portable. Equipped with sensors, they can also measure non-electrical parameters like temperature. We also produce some products that are quite unique on the market; such as synchronoscopes, used for manual or semi-automatic synchronisation. If you want to know more, simply choose the group of our products you are interested in.

Merilni centri v2Measuring Centres MT 560-per.jpg v2Measuring/Supervision Transducers
MiSMARTMiSMART Instrument Remote Monitoring Software WS1302_per_PTB.jpg v_2Energy Meters for Rail Mounting
Komunikacijski-vmesniki.png v2Communication Adapters SQ 0214.jpg v2Synchronization meters
WQ 2207 v2Energy Meters with Power Display Analogni merilniki_v2Analogue meters
MI7033-K.JPG v2Portable multimeters DM 208 per1.jpg v2Digital Meters with LED Display
HK47_1.jpg v2Hour meters, pulse counters 07035_01.jpg v2Educational Programme
ASK_61_4.jpg v2Current Measuring Transformers Shunt.jpg v2Shunts