Sustainability at Iskra

Creating an environmentally friendly company is a process that requires constant improvement, investments and innovations, and because of that we focus on long-term strategies for making a positive impact on the environment. At Iskra we believe that success is not measured only by financial metrics but also by our impact on the environment, society, and governance standards. Through collaborative efforts and strategic initiatives, we have integrated ESG principles into the core of our operations. "Sustainability starts with people, that is why we encourage our employees to live by its standards." 

Our ESG commitment has been recognized by Kearney & Finance, which ranked Iskra among the companies with the highest level of development in the field of ESG in Slovenia.  

Through our leading technologies and responsible business practices, we also contribute to the Global Sustainable Development Goals which are the blueprint to achieve a better and more sustainable future for all

Affordable and Clean Energy

As energy is a key competitive factor when it comes to efficient use of resources, energy costs and other environmental concerns, the continuous optimization of energy consumption is closely linked to appropriate planning, monitoring, analysis and adjustment. At Iskra we proud to use our own developed comprehensive solutions to optimize energy use. 


 ► In 2022 our existing Solar PV generated 1,26 GWh of electricity. 

 ► With the new investment in solar power system and together with the existing portfolio, Iskra will have a total of 2.6 MW portfolio of Solar PV systems generating over 3 GWh/ year. 




 ► We were proud to be the first to connect a battery in the Slovenian network. The first energy storage system was installed at our business unit in Kranj - Slovenia, later on we have installed two more in business unit Semič - Slovenia. 

 ► Currently we operate with 3.9 MW Tesla Battery Storage Systems with a total capacity of cca 8.4 GWh/year. 

 ► With the installation of Tesla batteries we have managed to reduce our electricity bill and positively impact the environment, as we regulate the positive and negative peaks in the distribution network, thus preventing uneconomical energy use and unnecessary shutdowns of power plants. 



 ► At our business unit in Kranj we have replaced our old cogeneration unit with a new more efficient 1 MW machine. It is used for cogeneration of heat and electricity ensuring higher efficiency and lower consumption of primary energy or natural gas.

 ► The new unit is 1.8% more efficient compared to the previous system and above all will also provide heating for the business unit in Kranj and will be used for production of electricity.  





 ► Iskra is a proud investor in ALFI Green Energy Fund, a specialized investment fund that invests in on-shore wind and photovoltaic power plants in SEE (Slovenia, Croatia and Serbia). 

 ► Installation of Wind Power Plant of 105 MW in Krivača - Serbia, which is expected to be fully operational from 1.1.2024. 

 ►Expected reduction is approx. 120k tons of CO2/year in average. 




We are focused on few more sustainable projects such as implementation of energy management systems at all of our business units,  installation of LED lighting at our locations, more investments in Solar power plants, water recycling and optimization of its use by increasing the efficiency of rainwater and recycling water. 

Our sustainability list continues with the ended use of plastic cups and paper in certain departments, planted many trees at our locations, and further investments in electric vehicle fleet. Our goal is to have fully hybrid vehicle fleet by 2030. Already now you can find e-charging stations at all of Iskra's locations. 

We also support energy and ecological start-ups such as Planet Care, which developed the microfibre filter that attaches to your washing machine and captures microplastics before they enter drains. PlanetCare's microfibre filters were developed to stop the harmful and widespread microplastics pollution. 

More about our ESG engagement you can find in Iskra ESG report 2023


Sustainable renovation of the Ljubljana railway station

Iskra is cooperating with Slovenian railways in the sustainable renovation of the Ljubljana railways station.

There we plan to modernize railway station so it will efficiently and sustainably operate for another 50 years. 


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