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SparkWave AR-7/8/13/18/23G

Active Repeater

The SparkWave AR-7/8/13/18/23G active repeater provides a highly attractive solution for demanding radio paths on 7, 8, 13, 18 and 23 GHz.

Active repeater SparkWave AR-7/8/13/18/23G is applicable:

  • in cases of long transmission paths,
  • in cases where two radio stations are not within the line of sight
  • and where inconvenient angles prevent the use of a passive repeater.

The angle between two antennas can vary from few degrees (depending on the choice of antenna) to up to 180 degrees. Low power consumption allows use of a solar panel. In case of long-term bad weather (up to 30 days) the built-in storage battery assures autonomy. In comparison with the passive repeater, it is also represents a suitable solution for ecologically sensitive locations.

The active repeater contains an AR module and two antennas. The AR module is built into a watertight housing. One of the two antennas can be mechanically bound with the AR module while the second one is connected to the AR module by flexible waveguide. Upon customer request, the device can be supplied with a solar panel, voltage converter and batteries.

The AR module contains antenna branching and two wideband amplifiers with automatic gain control. There is no frequency converter built into the device. The received signal from both sides is amplified by two amplifiers and transmitted to the opposite direction at the same frequency.

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