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Antenna Amplifiers for YAGI antennas

Amplifier DIGI-YAGI can not be used with YAGI antennas whish serial have DTX dipole (all YAGI UHF antennas ).

Amplifier has "F" female connector and impedance 75 Ohm.

It's especially designed for the digital terrestrial signal's (DVB-T) reception.

ojačevalnik DIGI-YAGI



Example: how to increase the antenna gain.
primer_kako povečati dobitek antene

Diagram gain-frequency
diagram dobitek-frekvenca



We're selling it in two versions:

1) as a independent unit
DTX dipole's plastic box must be opened and replaced the existing passive balun with this amplifier.
Tools are required for this intervention.

2) as an active DTX dipole
Amplifier is already installed inside DTX dipole.
It is necessary to replace the existing passive DTX dipole with DTX dipole with built-in amplifier.
Tools aren't required.

Amplifier can be supplied with outside power supply* or directly with digital terrestrial DVB-T receiver.
Power supply is provided through the same coaxial cable as reception signal.


  • Frequency range: UHF (470-862 MHz)
  • Gain: 16 dB
  • Max. output level: 98 dBV
  • Noise figure: 2 dB
  • P-P: 1,8 dB
  • Power supply/Consumption: 5-24 V / 22 mA
  • Connection: »F« female


  • Frequency range: UHF (470-862 MHz)
  • Gain: 18 dB
  • Max. output level: 96 dBV
  • Noise figure: 2 dB
  • P-P: 1,4 dB
  • Power supply/Consumption: 5-24 V / 25 mA
  • Connection: »F« female





Amplifier DIGI-YAGI 16U has impedance 75 Ohm and has built-in 3 frequency notch filters (stop filters), which throttle frequencies:

- TETRA 400 (350-460 MHz)
- GSM 900 (890-970 MHz)
- 1,1 GHz

*Power supply is not included. Suitable power supply is SUR-211.

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