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Low Voltage Switchgear

Low-voltage switchgears can be used for dwellings and industry. Maximal voltage is 1000 V for all products, and maximal permitted current for certain types of switches is up to 4000 A. The following groups of products are available:

  • Auxiliary contactors (mainly used in industry as elements for control circuits)
  • Motor contactors (industrial and general application for switching AC and DC motors of various categories)
  • Installation contactors (used in installations for switching low-inductive and ohmic loads; especially heating, illumination)
  • Motor protection switches (industrial and general application for motors switching and protection)
  • Switches for differential current (used in installations as a protective element from shock hazard)
  • Installation circuit-breakers (used in installations as protection from over-load)
  • Load switches (used in industry as main switches without protection)
  • Low-voltage circuit-breakers (used in industry as main switches with protection)
  • Rotary, proximity, micro and final switches

You can download electrical drawings and dimensions for low voltage switchgear and controlgear devices for AutoCAD and other CAD programs in dwg formats.

AutoCAD database


Bistabilno-stikalo-BI.png v2Bistable Switches KNL22 v2Contactors
Inštalacijski-kontaktorji.png v2Installation Contactors Motorska-zaščitna-stikala-MS32.png v2Motor Protection Switches
ISPRO C 40-320 4x.jpg v2Overvoltage Protection Zaščitna stikala na diferenčni tok v2Residual Current Circuit Breakers
Bremenska stikala v2Switch disconnectors BR_2.JPG v2Load Break Switches LA, LAU, LMU, LAS
RI61Miniature Circuit Breakers Kompaktni odklopnikiMoulded Case Circuit Breakers
Časovni releji v2Time relays