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Iskra MC 784 Advanced Power Quality Analyser


The MC784 Advanced Power Quality Analyser can be used as a standalone PQ monitoring device for detection and analysis of local PQ deviations, transients, alarms and periodic measurements. For this purpose it is normally positioned at the point-of-common-coupling (PCC) of industrial and commercial energy consumers to monitor quality of delivered electric energy or at medium or low voltage feeders to monitor, detect and record possible disturbances caused by operation of consumers. Identifying relevant fixed measuring points is the most important task prior to complete system installation. The implementation of a PQ system itself will not prevent disturbances in network but rather help diagnose their origins and effects by comparing and scrutinizing data from multiple time synchronized measurement points.

The MC784 can be used in power utilities (for evaluation against standards) as well as for industry purposes (monitoring supplied power quality). It performs measurements in compliance with regulatory requested standard EN 61000-4-30 and evaluates recorded parameters for analysis according to parameters defined in European power quality standard EN50160.

The device enables storage of a wide variety of highly detailed oscillography data in 8GB of internal flash memory based on a sophisticated trigger settings mechanism. Data can be stored in standardized PQDIF (IEEE 1159-3) and COMTRADE (IEEE C37.111) file formats which can easily be exchanged with third party PQ analysis SW systems.

Apart from this, the MC784 also supports monitoring and recording of the most commonly used auxiliary sensor analogue or digital I/O data (e.g. temperature, pressure, gas/water/heat consumption, intrusion detection etc.). These readings can also be used for alarming and control purposes. The most extensive benefits are achieved when MC784 is used as a part of an energy monitoring system comprising of strategically positioned meters connected to the MiSMART system software solution.


Main features:

  • Power Quality analysis according to EN50160 with automatic PQ report generation
  • High accuracy (0.1%) as required within EN61000-4-30 Ed. 3 Class A
  •  User friendly setting and analysis software MiQen
  • Waveform and transient recorder with programmable sampling time (> 600 samples / period), 
    pre-trigger and post-trigger time
  • Internal memory (up to 8GB) for recording all measured parameters, disturbances, waveforms,
    alarms, PQ reports and     time-stamped  
  • Details about anomalies.
  • Automatic measuring range up to 1000 VRMS, 12.5 A direct connection
  • Measurement of 4 Voltages and 4 Currents with 32 kHz sampling time
  • Serial, USB and Ethernet communication with support for MODBUS, DNP3 and IEC61850 (optional) protocol.
  •  Up to 20 Input and Output modules for control purposes and monitoring of other physical parameters (temp., wind speed,    pressure…)
  • Standardized PQDIF and COMTRADE format support for storing recorder data
  • Comprehensive 0.2S energy measurement feature (4 quadrant energy measurement, 8 counters, up to 4 tariffs, tariff clock,     pulse outputs...)
  • Available with standard 128 x 64 pixel display or 5,7” color TFT display (option)
  • Wide frequency measurement range 16 – 400 Hz




MC 784 Leaflet

MC 784 Data Sheet

MC 784 User and installation manual

Certificate acc. IEC 61000-4-30 Ed.3 - Class A

EC Declaration of Conformity

Online Users Manual

Download MC784/iMC784 IEC61850 CID file


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