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Instrument Calibration

The Iskra Electrical Measuring Laboratory (EML) is a guarantee for our customers, that our electrical measuring instruments are safe, reliable and resistant to environment disturbances according to all applicable standards. Additionally, we can offer you wide variety of different calibrations, according to your needs. The laboratory is located at our production plant Otoče, where we produce our electrical measuring instruments. Our staff has much experience in calibrating electrical measuring instruments. We can offer you certified and uncertified calibrations for the instruments in the field of power, energy, photometry, AC/DC voltage and current, resistance, frequency and time. All our activities and calibrations are in compliance with ISO/IEC 17025:2005 standard.

PCB Assembling

In Iskra two technologies are used for assembling and soldering PCBs:
Assembling PCBs with THT
We use the ERSA soldering machine, EWS330 type, for assembling PCBs with THT. A solder SAC305 is used for soldering. Maximal size of the PCB is 420 x 310 mm.
Assembling PCBs with SMT
For SMT PCB assembling, we use SAMSUNG CP45 NEO machine for placing components and HELLER 1707 oven for solder paste reflowing.

 Iskra ODM Presentation

Iskra ODM Presentation (in german language)



Iskra tool shop produces tools and machines in compliance with customers’ demands. Our experts design and produce different tools for injection moulding of plastics and cutting tools by means of modern and state-of-the-art technological equipment and meet any special demands of our customers.


• High luster nickel and chrome plating
• High lustre drum nickel plating
• High lustre acid zinc plating
• Silver plating
• Copper plating
• Tin plating



Safety belt with an electrostatic discharger