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IT and business solutions

The constant development of information technology brings outstanding potentials for cooperation, collaboration and fast data exchange among departments, companies, business groups or entire supply chains. The true applicability of IT does not exclusively depend on utilized technology. IT requires the same principles as other business areas – visionary management, setting of demanding goals, excellence in implementation, motivated people and constant monitoring of progress. Iskra Sistemi pays a particular attention to these issues. We talk about the solutions in the language of our customers. We jointly explore opportunities that e-business creates. We develop new business models and pay active role in the reorganization of companies by taking advantage of IT to make companies fitter for the challenges of the Knowledge Age.

For development and implementation of e-business solutions, we exploit our key competences that have been formed over 20 years of our operation. We always look for the best solutions by paying attention to details and assembling them in the coordinated whole. We are development-oriented, innovative and creative, while simultaneously performing all the processes in line with the demands of the quality assurance system. We are aware that our customers need efficient solutions so we provide appropriate HW and take care of customer support during all stages of business process modernization and computerization. We provide expert advice and end-user training and implement new solutions that are constantly improved.