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Energy sector

Control from the Source to the Consumption

The supply of electrical energy occupies an important position in today’s modern world. A successful power system operation requires the use of high-quality secondary equipment, which enables the protection, monitoring and control of individual devices as well as the complete system. Control systems – the result of our own know-how – provide our business partners with full control over power systems and enable optimum utilization of energy with minimum losses. For holistic control, from energy supply to its consumption we offer wide variety of solutions: from substation control systems like intelligent remote terminal stations (RTU) to control centres and power system protection.


Generation of Electricity

SCADA performs two essential tasks; it telemeters data back from remote sites and facilitates remote control from the System Control Centre. Alarm processing processes the data collected and alerts the engineer immediately if an alarm condition is detected. Using electricity meters, measuring transducers and measuring centres, we measure the electric quantity of electricity generation, and using network analysers, we measure the quality after it is generated.


Energy Consumption

Besides operating energy, most electric devices such as asynchronous motors, three-phase current commutator motors, transformers, reactors, melting furnaces, welders, fluorescent lamps and others also require reactive energy, which results in additional load of the transfer line and other elements of connections. At the same time, the reactive energy represents additional cost to the consumer for the supplied energy. This is why we compensate for it with a device composed of a power factor controller, a contactor and capacitor banks. Using meters, measuring centres and network analysers, we measure the electric values at energy generation points as well as at the point of consumption. If required, we convert it with measuring transducers into other physical values. The measured electric values are then collected and shown in real time using the SCADA system.


Effective Use Starts by Measuring

Uncontrolled consumption of energy products increases costs and contributes to environmental pollution. Efficiency of consumption can only be achieved by accurately measuring the consumption. We can quickly and without fault transfer the measured values to  the server where you can analyse, monitor and predict them in detail using our software. A group of one- and three-phase energy meters measures the consumption of electricity. The consumption of other energy products is measured using data loggers with a modem for remote communication. These data loggers are also appropriate for use in explosion hazard environments.


Reliable Transfer of Data

The measured physical values are transferred via our communicators and concentrators to a server. The communicators support all of the most widely used methods of communication and data transfer such as Ethernet, LPR, GPRS/UMTS, XiFi, GPRS, SMS, serial communication, USB and others.


Control, Analysis and Taking Action

The transferred measurements on the server are then collected using the MiSMART software, which is intended for collecting and saving data regarding the consumption of energy products in the industry, business buildings, residential properties, energy generation, etc. The e-MIS software for monitoring and forecasting the consumption of various energy products helps energy managers keep energy books and forecast future consumption.



Site Energy Monitoring Solution

Distributed Smart Grid Data Monitoring Solution


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