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Electrotechnical components

The World at Your Fingertip

Due to their structure, electric devices cause radio-frequency interference that spreads into the environment. To prevent these interferences, we install special components into white goods and other electric devices. Our electronic capacitors are built into consumer electronics and personal computers.

Bringing the World to You

We manufacture a comprehensive range of products for analogue and digital (satellite and ground) signal reception that serve a variety of uses, both exterior and interior. Being distinguished by their robust design and long life, ISKRA aerials are also optimized for the best reception of signals on the frequency band they are made for. They ensure quality and a smooth performance and the transmission of data, sound and image even in the most adverse weather conditions.

Creating Energy Sources

Our batteries provide a long-lasting supply of energy with a high rate of efficiency. Our family of air alkaline batteries for electric fence control, featuring compact size and high energy density, meet the most stringent environmental requirements. Our compact batteries and equipment for road signalling are used for mobile road safety signal lights fitted on red-white delineators.

Converting Energy

We manufacture a varied range of quality cores: toroid cores, rectangular and oval cores, C-cores and E-cores and specialized cores. C-cores and E-cores are used particularly in energy transformers,
inductors and specialized transformers. We also insulate cores using insulation tape wrapping or epoxy and also provide all the appropriate lengths of clamps for C-cores and other profiled cores. We offer expert advice to help with your planning and selection.