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Efficient installations

Comfortable Living; Creative Environment

Electric devices, installations and communication technology make it possible for us to carry out everyday tasks at home and at work in an easier and more effective manner and at the same time offer greater comfort and security. Due to a more economical consumption of electricity, they contribute significantly towards preserving the environment for future generations. Generation is becoming more automated, the logistics simpler and faster, and transportation produces less hazardous emissions due to an increased use of electric cars. We offer our own products and solutions for all the above mentioned areas.

For Comfortable and Safe Living

Remote switching on and off of electric devices (air-conditioning appliances, lighting, heating and others) is made possible using installation contactors. Through residual current circuit breakers, we ensure safe living. Using surge protectors, we protect electrical devices against lightning strikes, and the residual current circuit breakers also protect installations and electric devices. Electric vehicles are “fuelled” by our substations. The electricity meters measure our consumption, the switchgear makes sure that our devices are turned on when we need them, and together they all ensure a high quality of life.

For a Creative Working Environment

Numerous references demonstrate that we are experts in solving the challenges of modern logistics. Using electrical equipment, we outfit cranes and use it to automate warehouses. Using our contactors and contactor combinations, we ensure that electric motors as well as other ohmic, inductive and capacity loads are switched on and off. In the industrial environment, there are also naturally numerous installations and devices that have to be protected, and our products and solutions make it possible.