Tradition - Iskra d. d.


The beginnings of Iskra go back to 1946 when on March 8 a government order founded the Iskra Company for activities in the field of electrotechnics and mechanics.

The most important historic milestone in the operations of Iskra as system provider was in 1964, when the »Biro za avtomatizacijo železnic« (BAŽ),  was founded as part of Iskra. It was  transformed several times, and for years it represented the core of the company’s employment base.

Iskra also continues tradition of electrotechnical production companies. First beginnings of this part of Iskra were in 1947, when in Kranj first switchgear was developed.

Since its inception, the company has undergone many organizational and other changes brought about by the social and political environment of the former Yugoslavia and finally by Slovenia’s independence.