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The Trademarks History

Trademark birth

The man who came up with the idea of the name Iskra and the design of the present logo was the deceased Prof. Mirjan Gruden who substantiated his suggestion in 1946 as follows: “The company shall grow and develop, a spark [iskra] produces a flame and our spark [Iskra] should flare out. As electrical engineers we constantly deal with sparks in our profession. A spark is the symbol of the beginning of a certain process.”  

logotip Gruden

Professor Gruden had assigned the final logo design to now already deceased Milan Erbežnik.

logotip Erbežnik

Erbežnik’s logo suggestion was sent to the Ministry of Industry and Mining led by Franc Leskošek Luka. The proposal was ‘maturing’ at the ministry already in early autumn of 1945, whereupon it became known that the sixth leg of the star was not acceptable. Thus a new variety of the star or the logo that is still being used today has been made.


8. In March 1946, the then minister responsible for industry and mining, Franc Leskošek Luka, signed a resolution where the following was written down: “In respect of the one-time submitted proposal for the renaming of the actually existing and operating firm Strojne tovarne, Kranj, I hereby consent that the firm be renamed and registered in public registers as Iskra – Factory of Electro Technology and Precision Engineering, Kranj.”

Iskra's beginnings reach into the year 1945 when textile company Jugočeška, existing before the war, came into Slovenian hands with liberation and became the LGW during the war and was renamed into Strojne tovarne and in 1946 into Iskra.